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Aug 10, 2005 at 07:15 AM

Dynamic View Context Nodes, Attributes & Element


Hello All,

I am trying to create Dynamic View Context Nodes in webDynPro. I used the tutorial <i><b>"Dynamic Programming in Web DynPro"</b></i>.

<b>The code for creating new node (in the tutorial) is:</b>

IWDNodeInfo node= wdContext.getNodeInfo().<b>addChild</b>("DynamicNode",null,true,true,false,false,false,true,null,null,null);

This method is <b>deprecated</b> and somehow i was able to use new method as:

IWDNodeInfo node = wdContext.getNodeInfo().<b>addChild</b>("DynamicNode",null, true,CMICardinality.ONE_TO_MANY,CMICardinality.ONE_TO_MANY, false, null);

<b>For Creating a dynamic Attribute:</b>

IWDAttributeInfo fieldName = schemaNode.addAttribute("AttrID","");

I am confused in using this code and have the <b>following questions..</b>

<b>Q1.</b> What is the difference between <b>IWDNodeInfo</b> and <b>IWDNode</b> ?

<b>Q2.</b> Are we creating actual Context nodes here ?

<b>Q3.</b> What is the difference between <b>Context Nodes</b> and <b>Context Elements</b> ? [ As of now i visualize Context Node as to define basic structure of context and context element to hold actual values.]

Please reply soon...:-(