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Feb 04, 2013 at 12:28 PM

How to use SAP LT for targeting a non-HANA System


Hi There,

we want to create an application that replicating the SAP Data Source to another 3rd Party Database. As we stumbled upon the technology that introduced in the SAP LT Replication Server, we really keen to try this. However, we can't find a documentation regarding this issues. Is there a possibility to use the SLT to replicate data from SAP and targeting into another DB-System (non-Hana) ?

The question comes up, because the interface for accessing other Non-SAP Source is basically already there (however it is intended to load the data), so theoritically we can use the same interface to transfer the delta data with event based triggered.

Does anyone have an experience on this case ? It would be nice, if you can suggest a better approaches.