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Former Member
Aug 09, 2005 at 04:12 PM

Truncation after decimal point



I have to print two value fields on the Smartform.

These are for example say 22.20 and second is 35.50

Now I am using a custom data element called ZNUM6 whose <b>Domain I used is NUMC</b>.

So it was getting printed as 22 and 36.

So I created new <b>Domain ZN8</b> where I tried to put 6 as length and 2 decimal places and associated it with data element ZNUM6.

Now for ZN8 domain I used data type FLTP but still I find truncation for the values after decimal places.

Can someone suggest me what data type should I use while creating custom domain in this case so that there will be no truncation of decimal values after decimal point?