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Former Member
Aug 09, 2005 at 12:49 PM

Problem using "User Exit"


Hello SDN Members

I am facing some problem while working with USER EXIT.

i read in some pdf documnet downloaded from some site.

It says there are 4 types of User exits.

1)Menu exit

2)Field Exit

3)Screen exit

4)Function modules exit

I am done with Menu exit and screen exit.


But i did not find the option for creating Field exit.

IS this option has been disabled in new releases.

if this is not the case please help me by giving some details in this regard also.


Another problem that i am facing is:

i added a new menu item to a standard pull down menu using Menu exit.

i can call a program/report by assigning it to the transaction code that is defined in "Menu exit".

But i got to now that Function module exits are also used along with Menu exit.

How can i use Function module exit to define the actions that should take place once menu is activated.

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.

Vijay Raheja