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Jan 31, 2013 at 09:04 PM

EP 7.3 Import Abap Role as Workset


Hi Portal gurus!

So we are now on EP and BW 7.3 - coming from EP7.0 and we would like to import backend abap roles from PFCG as worksets into the portal content administrator. However it does not seem that this EP7.0 functionality exists in EP7.3.1.4 and results in a lot of manual work.

Here are the details

When we attempt to import iviews from back end, remote system (abap bw)

Get error: Connection to SAP component system failed; check the system settings.

The test connection to BW is successful and the help desk support tool reports no errors, all green. Can run BEx queries from iviews that

already existed. Can load queries from bex web analyzer/. But again unable to import new queries from BW abap to iviews in role

import in EP Content Administration. Can import roles, just not iviews.

Steps for Reconstruction

Goto Content Administration

Browse to Folder

Right mouse > new iview> From Remote Source

Enter ABAP BW Connector

Enter *

Press Go

Error Message: Connection to SAP component system failed; check the system settings

So SAP came back and said that this workflow is not support and offered the following work around

1. Create a system object with template 'SAP System using dedicated

application server' to point to portal itself. You only need to

maintain below fields:

application host = <hostname of portal>

logon method = SAPLOGONTICKET

ICM hostname = <hostname>:5<xx>00

ICM protocol = http

ICM URL Prefix = /irj/portal

Set a alias, then do connection 'SAP Web AS Connection' test.

2. Then you can import iview(come from role in ABAP system) into

workset which system object create in step 1.

Make sure you choose the portal role where iview exist for

field "Search in role:".

Then it should show all iviews inside the portal role which you

have choosen, then you can select any iview you want to import

into workset.

The Downside of the Workaround

I performed the work instructions ok and was able to import the iviews to a workset. The downside here is that the list of iviews proposed for import does not display the report name just a number that has no meaning.

We lose the folders we created in the abap backend PFCG, so we have to manually recreate these folders in each workset, then manually assign

the iviews to each workset. This is still very cumbersome and time consuming.

The way it worked in EP7.0 worked great in that we could maintain the portal role menu structure in PFCG with folders and iviews and their order, then import as workset to a role. These would also be linked as deltas so we could import the role as workset again to update changes and the portal role would reflect the change.

Now it is just a lot more work. Is this as good as it gets?

Hope this makes sense, any ideas?


Lee Lewis

Summit Electirc Supply