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Jan 31, 2013 at 08:41 PM

System is slow - High CPU


Hi All,

Today since morning system is slow CRM6.0, OS - windows and sql DB. I found that CPU is almost100% in ST06. user % is showing above 95%. Top CPU is showing all disp+work.exe process. How to resolve? Pls help. So many RFCUSERS in sm66 occupying DIA wps and also sm21 frequent logs . All http sessions are timing out.

Request (type NOWP) cannot be processed

Request (type DIA) cannot be processed

Delete session 001 after error 061

> VM 9 sets SGC forced mode

> VM 12 ends SGC after 53829ms (reclaim 484ms)

Delete session 001 after error 061

> VM 11 starts precise SGC (62ms)

> clone time > 60 sec

Pls help ASAP.