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Jan 31, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Issue while doing LIV for Service Entry Sheet


Dear Support,

We have upgraded from SAP 604 SP10 to SAP 606 SP04.

After EHP6 upgrade to our system, LIV for service entry sheet is not

possible and system message "PO item XXXXXXXXXX 00010 does not allow

invoice receipt" is issued.

And the reversal of this service entry sheet is also not possible and

Deficit of PU GR quantity XXX EA : XXXX message is issued

Note : This Service entry sheet was prepared before EHP upgrade and LIV

was not done yet. Necessary markings, ie GR based IV and Service based IV are marked in PO.

In addition to this,we observed that LIV & service entry sheet reversal

issue was observed for service entry sheets having Multiple account

assignment in Purchase order line item.

This LIV issue araises only for service entry sheets which were

prepared before EHP6 upgraded.And no issues found for service entry

sheets which were prepared after upgrade.