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Jan 31, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Using Additive delta DataSource with ODS


Hi guys,

I m working on fetchnig data from ECC tables to ODS table, so I m using a generic data source with the additive dataSource Option on a calendar day (AEDAT), please see attached Image: Delta data source.

So, I expected when I will modify a record KF, the difference beetwen de new and the old walue will be sent, because I have checked the option (Additive delta when I created de delta data source ), for example:

the record 4500000002 had the quantity 16000:

PO document | Quantity

4500000002 16000 (Old Value)

And after, its quantity has been changed to become 19000:

PO document | Quantity

4500000002 19000 (New value)

So, In the ODS log table, I should have

PO document | Quantity

4500000002 16000 ('N': New image)

4500000002 | 3000 ( 'A' : Additive image)

and I know that we can use Additive delta with ODS in case the update mode for the key figure is 'Add', so I set the update mode on the quantity KF to Additive.

But when I see the ODS log table, I found that the Data source acte like an ABR delta process type, because on the loge file, I found, (Please see the atteched Image : LogTable) :

PO document | Quantity

4500000002 16000 ('N': New image)

4500000002 | 16000 ( 'X' : Additive image)

4500000002 | 35000 (' ': After image)

Please tell me if I am misunderstanding somthing! and how to get the additive process type?

Thank you in advance


logTable.PNG (7.3 kB)