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Jan 30, 2013 at 09:59 PM

BO Monitoring : False alerts


Hello Experts

We have setup monitoring using the inbuilt monitoring application (Yes , we are working on the wily config in parallel now :-))

We are on 4.0 SPS4 patch 4 with SQL Server Database

i need your help with the following problems we are facing which has become difficult for us to monitor/support our systems

a) The monitoring setup itself is fine. We have a lot of Watches configured in a "OR" setup. That is eg : Watch A > x || Watch B > y etc. We also have some watches configured without any OR condition. That is they just have the settting like if Watch C = z send alert etc

In many occassions the monitoring sends emails for a big bunch of alerts (ALL watches configured) for no reason at all. Sometimes it appears even if we stop and start the monitoring APS etc , ALL the watch alerts are sent via email (i.e even if there is nothing wrong)

This is becoming very painful. We want to know if this is a genuine problem that others are facing or if we did someting wrong with our setup.

We have a message also open about but the progress is very slow

b) We are setting up wily. We noticed that since the time Wily was activiated for tomcat, the cpu utilization of tomcat has become higher. But SAP mentioned earlier that there should not be more than 2% of resource addtion from wily

c) We ar running SQL 2008 R2. We want to know if auditing/trending in general has problems with SQL? Do you think oracle works better? We also see many notes talking about problems with SQL and note corrections. Is this because most customers are using SQL and hence the problems are detected only in SQL? or is it because customers on Oracle/BO seem to be doing better in general?