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Jan 30, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Sap for Mobile, Netweaver Gwy or SUP


Dear SAP friends,

my boss asked to me to study about SAP for Mobile to evaluate what we need to have it in our enterprise.

I'm a bit confused about the differences among:

1) SAP for Mobile

2) SAP Netweaver Gateway

3) Sybase Unwired Platform

4) SAP Mobile Infrstructure

I think I understood that the last one is obsolete and not to be used anymore (am I wrong?)

SUP can be connected via SAP Netweaver Gateway to backend using Odata protocol.

But it can be connected to SAP Backend or other backend using other way of communicating (again am I wrong?)

SAP Netweaver Gateway can communicate to mobile device directly or via Duet Enterprise too.

What is it SAP for Mobile? Just a commercial name to collect all the possible solutions? Or what?

And my final question is (if what written above is correct): how can I choose the best solution?

Thanks for any answer