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Aug 09, 2005 at 05:07 AM

Find The Feature level changes and highlight


Hi All,

previous Revno records and current Revno records, all records are in the history table <b>zibofh</b> for the feature change level.

Material change level records are in <b>zimvrh</b> material level history table.

Taking feature level as an example:

Get all related records from zibofh table to it_zibofh table, loop it_zibofh table to fill in the two temporary tables (pre_features and curr_features) in the loop. Then compare the two temporary tables and get the final write statements for the records in the curr_features table or you can use your stratagems how to write out the final result after you get the difference.

By comparing these two tables: (read table by a feature name)

Pre_features table


Rev# BOF_status Feature_name Qty PrimaryFtr

1 P ftr1 1 N

1 P ftr2 1 N

1 P ftr3 1 X

Curr_features table


Rev# BOF_status Feature_name Qty PrimaryFtr

2 A ftr1 2 N

2 A ftr2 1 X

2 A ftr3 1 X

2 P ftr4 1 N

You should be able to identify:

1. ftr1's BOF_status, and Qty are changed.

2. ftr2's BOF_status, and PrimaryFtr are changed.

3. ftr3's BOF_status, is changed.

4. ftr4 is a new ftr added in the BOF.

(it is possible that ftr4 is in pre_features table with status "D" or "O", then you still need to identify it as a new feature.)

After capturing the Revno 2 changes and using your stratagem to write them out, then move all records in curr_features table (Revno 2) into pre_features table, and read all Rev# 3 records in curr_features table to compare......utile go through all records in it_zibofh table.

anyone can help on this .........

i look forward to your reply