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Aug 09, 2005 at 01:24 AM

Web Report - Floating Navigation Area


BW Web Report, BW 3.5

I am trying to build a floating navigation area, such that the navigation area is always on top, and can be moved around by the user, but will always be on screen (similar to the demo at

I have managed to get this to work, the only problem I am having is when you drilldown via the navigation. When this is done, the current position of the navigation is lost, and it moves it back to the original position.

I believe that this is occurring because on the drilldown, the only section that is reloaded is the data section, not the whole page (am I correct in this assumption??). As a result, the code that I have written to position the code is not run on the drilldown, and for some reason, it is returning the navigation area to its original position.

My questions really are the following:

1. Am I correct in assuming that only the part of the web report that is changed is reloaded when you do a drilldown operation?

2. If so, is there an event that is raised that I can tap to have it call the function that repositions the navigation area?

3. Has anyone done anything similar and managed it successfully?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.