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Jan 29, 2013 at 10:22 AM

User status profile for functional locations


Dear all,

I have a question about the user status profile settings (OIBS).

With standard SAP one can set up a status profile via OIBS and assign it e.g. to functional locations. We would like to set up a status profile for Asbestos and assign this to functional locations: a. suspicious b. contaminated c. clean

Only specific persons are allowed to assign such status to a functional location, this can be achieved also via OIBS with an authorization profile.

Behind status contaminated I can assign via OIBS that a user gets a warning message if used within PM processing data. When a user creates e.g. a notification with a functional location that has status "contaminated" assigned, the user gets then a warning message. Standard SAP gives then the following warning message: "Status Management: Please check status for reference object"

The warning message is also displayed in the left lower part of the screen where it is easily overlooked. I rather prefer a clear pop-up message in the middle of the screen, this can be achieved via the ("customize local layout" (Alt +F12) options, Interaction design / Notifications / Messages option: Show warning messages in dialog box). Of course every user is able to reset this.

The warning message that SAP is showing is meaningless for an end-user and unfortunately SAP has not configured the system in such a way that we can assign our own specific message.

Or is there a different way?

Any one idea's?

Best regards,