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Former Member
Aug 08, 2005 at 07:58 PM

SCMA(Schedule Manager) - Monitoring Flow task



Anyone has experience with SCMA. If so, can you please guide me in resolving the following issues.

1)In monitor, Flow task status is green but the underlying two steps have no status. I see <i>Schedule Job</i> and <i>Start Job</i> for each step with no status.

Why SCMA does not update the status of <i>start job</i>(or <i>Schedule job</i>)?

2)Since the flow definition is assigned to 'Customer' appplication, no work list is possible.

if so, shouldnt the monitor display the details of corresponding job(from SM37) in the flow task details. I havenot seen any demo yet with worklist so I do not what does it provide in monitor.

3)Is there an implementation guide for customer applications providing worklist?

I sincerely appreciate reply for any of the above questions.