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Jan 28, 2013 at 01:36 PM



Hi folks,

We have recently set up a sandbox system with EHP6 with NW 7.03 Basis 731 ST05 as a predecessor to an upgrade from EHP4 to EHP6. In the future we want to use the Leave Request application provided from EHP5 onwards.

One of our major requirements will be altering the OVS-Search help, i.e. removing PERNR and adding the processor's org-unit.

It is, however, not my question how to do this, I still lack way too much knowledge of the 'new' FPM and GUIBB framework. It's just a piece of background information what I ultimately want to achieve.

After some information retrieval I went via HRESS_A_PTARQ_LEAVREQ_APPL over APPL CONF HRESS_AC_PTARQ_LEAVREQ to COMP CONF HRESS_CC_PTARQ_LEAVREQ of FPM_OVP_COMPONENT. So far so good. I now wanted to see what means I have available when going into configuration mode of the particular GUIBB, that would be (as far as I comprehended) HRESS_CC_GUIBBF_LEAVREQ. But when I click on "configure" GUIBB, it crashes with a null pointer:

What I did so far: searched for SAP Notes, with SapxSearch, via Google for "HRESS_PTARQ_LEAVREQ_GUIBBF" but didn't get any useful results. Debugging CL_HRESS_PTARQ_LEAVREQ_GUIBBF in the FPM Interface didn't really help either because I can't really comprehend what the root cause for the error is; all I see is a null object assignment in IF_FPM_GUIBB~INITIALIZE but I don't understand WHY it happens. The GUIBB configurator works for all the other GUIBBs in this Comp Conf.

Does somebody have an idea or can point me in the right direction? :-(

Cheers, Lukas


lea_ovs.JPG (23.3 kB)
lea_guibb_conf.JPG (98.2 kB)
lea_error.JPG (55.4 kB)