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Jan 28, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Clearing outgoing payments agains vendor accounts


Hello All,

I have a problem, and i hope that someone could help me with it.:

Process is my company looks like this:

1.Invoices approval flow (outside SAP)

2.Posting invoices in SAP


4.Closing Payments against invoices in SAP


I have a question regarding closing payments - we do not using SAP (F110) but we put manually or we drop a file prepared in excel into the bank. The problem is when we want to close payments against vendor accounts. At this moment we are doing it one by one using F-53 (there is no clearing account in the middle just bank-vendor acc) .

What other transaction can be used to speed up this process? I can always prepare in excel and than copy/paste but i don't know which transaction can be used neither which Pstk should be used.

Could you please help me and advise a solution?

Thanks in advance