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Jan 28, 2013 at 12:25 PM

FAX number not getting converted in SOST T-code


Hi All,

When we are sending a FAX , it is not converting the number format (i.e. appending the international dialing code) for only one country ...for all others it is working fine.e.g. when reciepent is DE 02097856432 then it is coverting it to 00492097856432 (appending country code of Germany) but if the reciepent is CH 020345674563 it is not appending the country code for switcherland i.e. 0041.

When we check the SCOT setting for FAX for Node RETFAX , there is a option of country code in transmission control category.

The country ( CH as per the example) for which the FAX number is not getting converted is the same value as maintained at this place.

I tried by changing the country field and then the FAX got converted for the earlier country say 'CH' but nw the FAX was not converting for the new value maintained in the country code field say 'DE' .

My question is that why is this happening , or how is this field creating an exception. What is the way to solve this Issue.

One more thing , this country code value is maintained in the Table SXNODES in the field 'Country'

Please help me to resolve this Issue.