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Former Member
Aug 08, 2005 at 01:42 PM

Maintenance of View V_DFKKCJM requires workbench request


Hi everybody,

I have the following problem with maintenance of view V_DFKKCJM (tcd FPCJM): Changes are recorded in a workbench request and thus, the view can only be maintained in clients which are opened for repository changes. The view is client-specific, so from my point of view, a customizing request should be sufficient to transport the changes. I assumed that changes are recorded in a workbench request because the view has delivery class 'A' and the table maintenance dialog uses standard recording routine for changes. (transport of data from an application table usually leads to workbench request).

I changed the delivery class of the view V_DFKKCJM to 'C' and expected that now, changes should be recorded in a customizing request, but it doesn't work out - i'm still getting a workbench request. I've debugged the whole thing and noticed that in function module TR_CHECK_TYPE, before detemining the request type depending on delivery class, table OBJH is read and if an entry in this table is found for the current object, then the required request is type 'R' (workbench).

Does anybody know, what table OBJH is for and how I could solve this problem?

Thank you for any suggestions, Kathrin!