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Jan 25, 2013 at 06:51 PM

How to navigate from Employee search back to custom view


Hello expert

I have a custom view with a field Employee as input field. I need to use the SAP employee F4 search (the same as in the BP overview page for responsible employee). I've coded the P-getter, V-getter, the outbound plug, the componenet usage to open the F4 popup window, I also defined the event handler to receive data back from the F4 search, just the way it works for hte responsible employee in the SAP BP overview page (BP_Head / AccountDetails ).

When I test, I see the F4 button, clicking on it, it opens the SAP employee search screen (BP_EMPL_Search ), however when I select one employee in the search screen, it does not close the F4 popup, and thus my event handler to receive data is not called. In hte case of BP_Head / AccountDetails, when you select an employee in hte popup, it closes the popup and calls the on-close event handler.

I think I missed the navigation part which is to navigate from the popup back to my view when use selects a BP in hte popup, maybe I should define a navigation link in my view for that? I checked BP_Head / AccountDetails, there is no such navigation link definition.

So expert, what should I do to close the F4 help window when user selects a employee in the search screen which would call my on-close event handler.

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