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MSDS distribution without WWI or EH&S Property tree

Hello all,

Have you got experience of setting up a MSDS distribution in SAP when the company's MSDSs are coming from a contractor in a pdf.-format?

I.e. instead of maintaining the MSDS data in the property tree and using WWI, company already has ready MSDSs in pdf.. These need be uploaded into SAP and distributed through SAP. Distribution is triggered by the SAP SD transactions.

I thought to use transaction CG36VEN and there using IBD document type for the pdf. upload, but for the automatic distribution part of the process, to my understanding, the document type should be set as SBE.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

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    Posted on Jan 25, 2013 at 04:49 PM

    Hi Palin,

    It's not a single issue in your question.

    1. Using CG36VEN, IBD document type - Eventhough document type IBD, it wil be picked up for automatic distribution process.

    2. contractor MSDS in PDF format - Usually the same practice we follow by using CG36VEN to upload vendor MSDS into the system.

    3. Without WWi - Automatic distribution process not happens without wwi. wwi is integrated here, to bundle and package the documents to the customer. same time it will be decided Normal (or) subsequent shipping based on the customer's region. these all things happens in CVD1 transaction, which will not picked up without wwi. while doing the Packaging, if business dealing with cover sheets/ acknowledgements, those will be generated ontime via wwi and linked to MSDS reports.

    4. without property tree - you can skip the property tree data maintenance. But Header data of the specification is mandatory. as couple of things like material assignments, Identifiers, etc., are important in distribution process to pick the correct document.

    You can deal with the MSDS distribution without property tree and wwi, (with specification header details).But in this case, this will not be automatic distribution process via CVD1.

    this can be achieved by customizing the programs RC1SDSAL (for order level) RC1SDDIS (for Delivery level)

    the custom program should consider the line items of Order/ Delivery and pick the correct MSDS documents based on custmer master (for region and language), tirgger an email to the customer after saving the order/ Delivery. the emails can be controlled on batch wise by scheduling the jobs.

    But in this custom process, subsequent shipping will not be considered and no where linked to CVD1 (automatic distribution process).



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    • Dear Palin

      only a very small add on to the very good explanations of Kamal:

      a.) in the SDS distribution process by using data from SAP SD the language of the released report (either WIW or pdf) to be used is selected and the generation variant is selected.

      Therefore using the approach as explained by Kamal you need to do some customizing to make sure that the report is found and distributed

      b.) The WWI is needed, as Kamal explained, to generate the so called "cover sheet" in which the customer is informed e.g. why he / she recevies the report and you can e.g. enter material number or material texts in the WWI report as well.

      In OSS marketplace you will find avery good consulting OSS note in which the whole process is described including any customizing to be done, including a list of reports which need to run etc. I believe the corresponding OSS note has been mentioned in some thread, but in any case it can be found easily in SAP marketplace. In many threads as well the "WWI cookbook" (which ois as well part of a further consulting OSS note) is mentioned and who you could generate a pdf using WWI based on WWI documents (in a different thread Kamal mentioned the OSS note etc.)

      From legal perspective pdf does have some disadvantages: you need to make in most case sure that the label contains no different material name in comparison to MSDS, you need to make sure that changes from one version to a different version are properly shown in pdf file (because this is a legal demand) and if the company is acting international (especially in europe) many languages must be supported in MSDS process (e.g. it is legally binding to have a MSDS in place in french if you sell the product in france etc.). It is possible to handle that using pdf but EH&S does have the strength to support you here to generate the SDS in the right language

      Using the pdf file you need only to understand: there is no flexibility any more left.

      a.) Company logos in SDS can not be different

      b.) material text and chapter one is static

      c.) you might have problems to support the legal demand that you need ot show an "emergency nuber" in chapter one per country etc.



      PS: this is one example of a thread referring to SDS distribution:

      You will find others here as well