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Jan 25, 2013 at 02:44 AM

Script Logic issue in bpc 7.5


Hi ,

I am writing script in BPC 7.5 and getting wrong results .

I have 3 accounts ( acc1 , acc2 , acc3 ) and 12 months ( Jan -Dec ) .

For Jan is openning balance , my script will work from Feb .

While Feb loop , read acc1 data from Jan and read acc2 , acc3 from Feb and result need to assign ACC1 Feb .

My logic is :

Feb loop : While Feb loop, need to read acc1 data from Jan , acc2, acc3 from Feb )

March loop : While March loob, need to read acc1 data from Feb , acc2, acc3 from March ) like up to Dec .

But my script giving wrong result like , through entire loop ( Feb to Dec ) it is always pointing to Jan values not previous month values and found due to every iteration not sending data to data base .

I want send each iteration to send data data bases , for next iteration from previous iteration result .

But below code sending all loop ( iteration ) data once complete the entire loop ...I want to send each iteration data to data base , read this data for next iteration .

*XDIM_MEMBERSET TIME=%TM% //( %TM% contains Feb-Dec )






Please let me know any idea's for above issue ?