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Jan 24, 2013 at 03:08 PM

movement type 325 chcek availibility in unrestricted stock


Hello experts,

i have specific problem. I try to movement type 325 (blocked to blocked, one StLoc to another StLoc in same plant) with material which has set up availibility check in view MRP3.

I m making this with MIGO and when i check control i get massage:
On the, only 0 UoE available M7181
in warning mode.

This massage system gets because system chcek availability quantity in unrestricted stock.

When i post document system created delivery, but this delivery has 0 quantity.

(this StLoc and plant is assigned with WMs but customizing set up only on enteprise level)
(i too cheked customizing dynamic availability chceck in IM:
movement type has A
cheking rule is assingned in group 02 and i try set Incl. blocked stock but without succsess)

Why system try take quantity from unrestricted stock and rather not from blocked stock as movement type 325 is standard take from blocked stock.
Of course, stock has enough quantity in blocked stock.

thank for your advance!