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Jan 24, 2013 at 09:43 AM

Error in master data load from BW to BPC



I have a problem with master data load from BW to BPC. We have BPC 7.5 sp06 in use at the moment. Automatic data load has been running successfully until it went to error on 17th january. Error was about double data.

0WBS_ELEMT info object is the data what we are trying to load to BPC. In ERP they have created a lot of new WBS elements that aren't now in BPC because this data loading error.

We have deleted extra rows (there was two elements with same object number in attributes, the other had status open, other was released). Deleted rows were the attributes with status open. In BW there's now only one wbs element per object number. In Admin tool you can't even see these new wbs elements because the data load has not ended successfully and only with status released are imported to BPC. Still the master data load to BPC gives double data error.

Any idea, where the double data could be? Why is it still giving me this error? In BPC it's impossible now to plan for certain WBS-elements because they do not exist there.

Anyone, who could help?