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Jan 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Possible AppSet Mainteinance tasks?? Any Idea


Hi experts,

I'm woking for a client that is suffering from slow performance. Due to this reason, we need to apply some mainteinance tasks of the AppSet in order to improve the performance. The tasks we have defined have been as folllowing:

-Creation of Error /Response plan (stopping of SAP BPC system, re-start of SAP BPC services, modify BBDD structure, freeing space, appsset optimization, etc..)

-Optimizations (with compression) scheduled for weekends

-Diary SAP BPC Services maintenance, IIS as well.

-Specify the administrator user of each environment so as to avoid mistaken entries.

-Optimization of Consolidation Process creating and maintaining different BPF.

-Diary monitoring of the data growth in SAP BPC, through checking the volume of data.

-Periodic Schedule of a flow of Back Ups of SAP BPC between the environments of Development - Production

-Periodic Temporary Logs File clearing, clearing those generated previous to the last two months.

-Checking of the structure of dimensions and members of each application in order to centralize management.

Any other idea, experts??? I really appreciate your help

Thank you very much in advance 😀

Best regards