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Aug 07, 2005 at 04:18 PM

Read/Write textbox, matrix by


In vb, I can read/write everything but not in Delphi...

oForm := SBOapp.Forms.ActiveForm;

clsMatrix := SAPbouiCOM.Matrix(oForm.Items.Item('38').Specific);

clsMatrix.Columns.Item('U_freerm').Cells.Item('1').Specific.Value := '1'; I have tried .Value but the error message send that no the property ".Value" (it works in VB) Tried clsMatrix := oForm.Items.Item('38').Specific; (works in VB but not in delphi) Tried i := 1; clsMatrix.Columns.Item('U_freerm').Cells.Item('1').Specific := TObject(i); (delphi said that, .Specific is readonly)

Welcome for any hint or suggestion, thx.