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Jan 22, 2013 at 09:23 PM

package link getting failed status in BPC 10


i've created a package link with following tasks.
1. trigger BW process chain that extracts data from ECC to BW cube
2. run data manager package that extracts data from "BW cube" to "BPC model" using DM package "Load transaction data from BW infoprovider UI".

When this package link is executed, 1st task (BW process chain) is running fine but then 2nd task is never executed.
soon after 1st task is complete, package link status in DM is getting changed to "Failed" with no additional messages / logs.
If I run 2nd task individually, this is running fine so I don't see any issues with 2nd task definition. (loading of BW cube data to BPC model).

Are there any additional settings that needs to be made?