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Aug 06, 2005 at 05:06 PM

Netweaver Developer Sneak Preview SP9 (or so) uninstallation issues


I am unable to uninstall the previous version of the Dev Preview.

What is the sure shot process by which I should go about it ?

I was able uninstall the Develooper Studio but MaxDB will not uninstall and give some error when invoked from the Add/Remove panel.


Error as displayed in Commandline Window

uninstall following package(s):

Database Kernel c:/sapdb/j2e/db 32 bit

PCR 7500 c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

PCR 7403 c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

Webtools c:/sapdb/programs/web 32 bit

DB Analyzer c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

XML Indexing Engine c:/sapdb/programs/web 32 bit

ODBC c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

Server Utilities c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

Loader c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

PCR 7104 c:/sapdb/programs

JDBC c:/sapdb/programs

PCR 7300 c:/sapdb/programs

PCR 7301 c:/sapdb/programs

Base c:/sapdb/programs 32 bit

start uninstallation now (y/n)?y

found instance J2E

cannot remove package "Database Kernel": first you have to remove all instances

fatal error at Sa, Aug 06, 2005 at 12:08:21

press any key...

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PS: I have tried this in several sequences. NWStudio before / after and w/ and w/o the SAP Services running (as in Windows Services)

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