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Aug 06, 2005 at 06:29 AM

A problem


Hi,everybody.I have a questioon is below (can i call a session bean directly in a .jsp file without through a javabean?)

I had made a test. I create a simple jsp file is aaa.jsp(just present some words).

And i deployed it and typed the url http://localhost:50000/aaa/aaa with IE. It can display.

But when I add some source code in jsp. There are some errors. The ie error message is below

(The request can't be processed.

Details: The requested resource ( aaa/servlet/aaa.jsp ) is not found)

Why it needs a servlet? I didn`t create a servlt!!

The source i added is below

try {

public Sessionccc ccc;

InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

Object ob = ctx.lookup


SessioncccHome home =(SessioncccHome)



ccc = home.create();

} catch (Exception e) {

throw new Exception("Error instantiating

Calculator EJB" + e.toString());


Please help me.Thx a lot.