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Jan 22, 2013 at 11:46 AM

Transformation Logic


Hi Experts,

I am trying to load data from a CSV file.

I have a date field through which i am trying to populate value for a field called Status. Logic is, If the Date field is empty then status =2 else status =1.

Simple logic but don't know where am going wrong!!!

I have used routine and formula but both didn't work. Status "1" is successfully loading to the fields in which Date is not Empty but Status is not Loading at all, All the time it is showing empty only...

I have tried with ' ' , '00.00.0000' and '00000000' ... but none of them are working...

This is the result what am getting every time...

Activation Date Activated By Activation Status 11-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 11-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 12-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 16-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 16-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 22-11-2010 DATA ENTRY 1 # # Not assigned # # Not assigned # # Not assigned # # Not assigned

Please suggest some inputs, Highly appreciate your help.

Thanks & Regards,