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Jan 22, 2013 at 10:16 AM

Output Determination - Problem


Dear Friends,

In my system the output type is maintained as ZD05.

In NACE the config for the ZD05 and the condition record is as shown in the following screen shot

And for the L2 (Debit memo) the communication is

And same setting is for G2 (Credit note) and G2 is also maintained with the same condition type ZD05.

Now my question is: When I try to take a output preview for Credit note it is I can see but in case of debit memo I cant, WHY...

The status indicators in both the case is green

the output analysis I tried, which says, No log exists for both of them.

Where is the problem??

Can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue?

Kind Regards,



crg2.png (21.8 kB)
crg3.png (34.5 kB)