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Jan 22, 2013 at 08:23 AM

hiding Rows which has Zeros for all columns in Crosstab which has BEx Structure as Row Header.


Hi All 😀

I'm using BO 4.0 SP04 Patch 6 Version. Created my Webi Report using BICS Connection.

I have Crosstab which has Bex_Structure as Row Header and Month as Column Header and Revenue in the Body.

I want to Hide Rows whose values are 0 for the entire Year(for Selected Months).

Now, if i uncheck the option "Show rows for which all measure values = 0" in the format table, it is not hiding 0's.

Also, i unchecked the option "Show rows with all empty measure values" in the format table (because some rows dont have entries for some months but having 0's for other months, i'm using IsNull function to replace Null into 0), it is also not hiding 0's.

Please Help me, where i'm wrong. How can i hide the Rows which has 0's for all the Columns. Limitation with BEx Structure?

Please note: Body of Crosstab has Formulas and not direct measures assigned to it.

Thanks in Advance 😀