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Jan 22, 2013 at 02:40 AM

Forecast Consumption in APO SNP for Consignment Issue (KE) Sales Order


Hello Folks,

We are in the middle of implementing VMI Customer Consignment using SNP-TLB functionality.

It was surprising to see that SAP has not coded the scenario for Forecast Consumption for Consignment Issue (KE) Sales Order.

After creating OSS message, SAP came back and said that it is a known issue and they offered solution to reduce the forecast manually using /SAPAPO/MD74 transaction.

How in the world are you suppose to execute this transaction, for each an every KE Sales Order, when there are hundreds of KE Sales Orders posted on dialy basis?

I would like to get some insights from SAP User Community, as to if anyone have resolved this issue and how would you do Forecast Consumption in APO-SNP when a KE Sales Order is created and PGI'ed in ECC

The business requirement is that the KE Sales Order should respect the Backward and Forward consumption periods defined at Product-Location (Ship-To) level. It should follow the same logic as for standard (OR) Sales Order and keep track of forecast consumption with the withdrawal quantity, when the Sales Order is delivered and PGI'ed and gets removed from the system.

Any help is really appreciated.