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Jan 21, 2013 at 01:12 PM

PSM - FM : Reduction values and total amount compromised


Hi all,

I'm facing an annoying issue regarding PSM reduction values.

I'm performing some tests and I realized that our Dev. env. and Qa. env. are taking to different behaviors when PO's and invoices are posted regarding budget. Below there are some examples:

First of all, I've created a PO in value of BRL 100.00. After that, I've accessed the transaction FMB_PL01 to see the value compromised by the PO and it was correctly there. Then I created an SES and the system performed a reduction from PO value and compromised BRL 100.00 due the SES. Finally I've created an invoice against the SES and the SES value was reduced again and the invoice values has been correctly compromised.

In my point of view, this is the correct behavior.

In our DEV env. I recreated the same scenario and the system performs the reductions in a wrong way in my point of view. Below there is the screen showing that.

As you can see, Our total value compromised is BRL 190,75. The SES values was not reduced and the Invoice only compromises the net value. The taxes values, BRL 9.25 were reduced. This is not correct.

I'd like to know if is there any customizing transaction to verify and adjust our env. the settings to make our DEV env. works same as our QA env.

I've took a look in SPRO and I didn't find any transaction to help me.

Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Amorim


issue1.PNG (25.2 kB)
issue2.PNG (30.2 kB)