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Jan 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM

Connection to external mail server out of DMZ


Hi Friends,

We have requirement to send mails from SAP but our mail server is on different IP network which is out of DMZ as below:

(Mail server) -> (DMZ) -> (FW) -> (SAP Router) -> (SAP servers)


|-> (LAN)

* Please note that all above networks seperated by "->" are on different network even our LAN which uses saprouter to connect to SAP systems but they are able to send/receive mails from our mail server.

As per SAP documentation the mail sending process uses RFC communication with SMTP server to send out mails which uses 33## port no so based on this statement we have maintaned our saprouttab file and services file but no luck.

So my question here is

1) Is SAP router have any role in SCOT config to connect to mail server in such scenario ?

2) Do we need to create manual RFC to connect to SMTP server ?

3) Is there any way to reach to mail server from our SAP system using SAP router without disturbing our firewall settings ?

We have done below config as of now :

1) SCOT configuration from SAP side done

2) SAPRouttab maintened entries like ->

P sapserverhost mailserverhost 25

P sapserverhost mailserverhost 3300

P sapserverhost mailserverhost 3325

3) Also tried to telnet from sap and mailserver on port 25 but failed

4) Telnet from mailserver to saprouter and saprouter to mailserver is working fine

Thanks for giving your time and reading this post.