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Jan 21, 2013 at 04:10 AM

Issue with Flat file --> DSO loading SAP BW/BI


Hi Gurus,

Ours is SAP BI NW 7.3 version.I am loading data from flat file to PSA and from PSA to DSO with transformation.

My flat file fields were:



Fical period/Year




I have mapped all the fields to the SAP BI as follows:

Key1 - ZXXX(custom infoobject with Numeric field)

Descrition - 0TXTLG

Fiscal period/Year - 0FISCPER , 0CALMONTH(with field routine),0FISYEAR(with field routine),0CALYEAR(with field routine)

Unit - 0UNIT

Amount- 0AMOUNT

Currency - 0CURRENCY

It is a CSV file and it has all data in PSA successfully with 1080 records.

I created as Standard DSO as follows:

ZXXX and 0FISCVARNT as Key fields and rest all the infoobjects as data fields.

In transformation the 0FISCVARANT doesn't have any mappings and its a constant "Z1".

My Issue:

The file is successfully loaded till PSA with 1080 records.When the DTP(Full load) is triggered it is loading only 90 records to the DSO New table for the FISCPER(2013012).

The trial&error which I tried:

I changed the DTP filter with FISPER field (2013001) and the 90 records are loaded successfully. I removed the filter and tried to load all the records but only 90 records(2013012) is getting loaded.Could you please help me in this issue. I want to see all my 1080 records in the New table( I really don't know which is stopping me to do that).Once I see the 1080 in the New table,I will activate the records latter. This is done in Development server.

Thanking you in advance,