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Aug 05, 2005 at 12:03 PM

Interactive lists and at line-selection


Hi all,

I have written a simple list to the screen. Using AT line-selection i select a line, change the status of a field and output a new up-to-date list, sy-slind + 1. HOwever, I now need to go back to the first list (using BACK), first of all reproduce the ACTUAL status with changes, and also have the ability to change another line.

Problem is I cant select a line now or get the ACTUAL status since it produces the first list as it was.

2) Instead of using 'BACK' in the PF-STATUS i used another Func code so as to enter AT USER COMMAND. Now I can write the ACTUAL status to the screen (using write and HIDE). However I still cannot select a line from this list.

Should I just use a screen and ALV or will I get the same problem.