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Jan 18, 2013 at 04:46 PM

Backing up cube definition and dimensions


Dear Experts

I have a 2-system landscape BI.

So, we cannot tell what could happen if transport from DEV to PRD.

So, I like to check with you if my idea is feasible.

I want a fallback plan.

I have new dimensions using new infoobjects. Existing dimensions are untouched.

I am afraid something may go wrong as there are lots of data in PRD cube which is compressed.

How can I reverse back if something goes wrong while transporting the cube definitions including the new dimensions?

The DEV is already modified and unlike the PRD.

If need to reverse back, can I change the DEV by removing the new dimensions and infobjects and then transporting these to PRD to reverse the situation?

Or can I do this to reverse back :

1. Transport connection > export the infocube using Infocube option in transport connection. Save this into a transport request number.

But will this prevent the import of request containing the new dimensions since this is a repair in PRD? If I release this request does it overcome this problem?

2. If importing new dimension gives problem, I reverse to pre-import situation by importing the request I exported from PRD back into PRD.

Please advise if this is feasible.

Thanks very much.