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Jan 18, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Context-Sensitive Structural authorization vs OOSB



We are currently using standard HR Structural security (updating the table T77UA).

We would like to convert to Context-Sensitive Structural Authorization but I have one unanswered question that could impact our decision.

If we switch to CSSA, could we also be able to maintain table T77UA for exceptions?

Let me explain:

I could easily convert 95% of my HR roles to CSSA but for some of them, there are no "rule" as to how we assign security. It means that the business would still like to be able to assign any org units they want for those users.

Could I be able to use both solutions at the same time? Using CSSA for 95% of my HR roles but still be able to update the table T77UA for the users that have those 5% exception roles?

Can you also explain how the BAdi HRBAS00_GET_PROFL works? Is it completely overlooking the T77UA table? If so, I guess it would answer my question...

Thanks a lot for you advices