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Jan 18, 2013 at 08:55 AM

BAPI_IPAK_CREATE for flat file hierarchy upload


Hello Gurus.

I am currently encountering some issues with automation of hierarchy upload with flat file. My system version is 7.1 so no new hierarchy flamework is available.

My current task is the following - we have an third party system that is creating a flat file with hierarchy data on the application server. Then I have an infopackage that is loading this flat file as hierarchy. But since my hierarchy is time dependent (whole hierarchy) the user have to create different records in hierarchy selection every month(for each month the file has to be uploaded as hierarchy with the same name and different dateto/datefrom periods). Unfortunately SAP does not provide any possibility to write routine on defining new entries in hierarchy selection.

I tried to use the bapi IPAK_CREATE and IPAK_CHANGE to automatically change the hierarchy selection so that the file would be loaded as another version. But unfortunately this infopackages in their work loads data from table RSOSOHIE where all possible selections of hierarchy are stored. If the selection I pass is not stored within this table, the bapi cannot create an infopackage due to the fact that no hierarchy is selected.

So my question is - how can i create an hierarchy flat file upload infopackage with hierarchy selected that is not stored in the table RSOSOHIE at the moment of creation. The huge restriction is that according to the company policies I can only write into database using BAPIs - so I cannot directly update the table RSOSOHIE prior to the execution of the infopackage.