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Jan 18, 2013 at 04:24 AM

Loading Product hierarchy values into attributes and characteristics


Hi guys,

I have the product hierarchy code int he field PRDHA in mara table. It has 9 levels built into it. I have to bring that into BW and break it down into each level and load into 7 different characteristics and 2 attributes.

Can i use 0PROD_HIER_LPRH-HIER and 0PROD_HIER_TEXT datasources to get into BW and load it to 0PROD_HIER and into infoobjects 0PRODH1 to PRODH9.

From there how can I use the values of each 0PRODH1 to 9 to load the values to each separate 7 chars and 2 attributes. Can i read the hierarchy values and texts to load into these separately?

Please let me know the process urgent.

Thanks a lot