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Jan 17, 2013 at 06:51 PM

Integration process from cache status 99 to new workflow template - issue



we have an integration process in the QA system that showed status 99 (message: locked by a user).

After activating it in SXI_CACHE a screen came up and told that there will be a new workflow template created.

Then it asked for deployment.

Seems we went not too far and missed to press the deployment button.

So now there is a new workflow template besides the old one (checked that in PFTC_DIS).

SXI_CACHE shows now the Int.Process with the new WSxxxxxx number but is missing ESR entries here.

How to handle this now to avoid any more inconsistencies?

A first activation of change list from Directory didn t help. Ok, expected that!

Idea is now (waiting for access to do that in QA) to do another change on the IP in ESR to get another cache update back to ABAP stack.

If this will not work we will import the IP from DEV again.

Or is this not the best way. Is there possibly another way to solve this issue?

And will there be other side effects now as the WSxxxx is then different to that one in DEV.

Any issues with another IP import from DEV with the same WSxxxxxx number as this is not used there currently?

Your help is really appreciated!

Best regards