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Jan 17, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Activity unit is coming wrong


Dear Gurus,

The schnerio is of REM , where for manufcturing of Ammonia (FG) , Natural gas ( currently it is a pipe line material )is consumed along with some other components.

Currently natural gas is part of BOM , now going forward due to costing purpose it has been decided to treat natural gas as an activity.

The Base Unit of Measurement of natural gas maintained is MCF , at present BOM it is maintained that for example for making 100 MT OF Ammonia 3000 MCF of natural gas is consumed.

In order to do the above ,An activity is created as Natural Gas , Also In the customization, paramter is maintained as "Natural Gas" and unit is MCF.

This paramter is linked to Standard value key formula and maintained in the work center

In the rate routing also Natural gas activity is selected.

I have following doubts:

1.Once the activity is created correctly can i delete the natural gas from BOM component?

2.In the rate routing, there are Standard Values , Should I maintain base qty as 100 MT of Ammonia and Std value for natural gas as 3000 MCF ( as per BOM )


1.I maintain the base qty as 1 MT of Ammonia and Std value for natural gas as 1 MCF and in the table of Unit of measure conversion 100 MT = 3000MCF

Also During backflush of Ammnoia , During Activity Confirmation I am getting Unit for Natural Gas as KG ? how ever i am not aware from where it is taking KG.

as i have maintained unit MCF.

Please share with me the vaulable suggestions