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Aug 05, 2005 at 06:03 AM

Virtual InfoCube with Services - function module parameters documentation ?



I have been trying to use a Virtual Infocube with Services.

I have seen most of the posts in SDN, and read the documentation in

I did not manage to find a precise description of the import

parameters of the Variant 2.

In particular, what is the meaning of the

i_tx_rangetab TYPE rsdri_tx_rangetab parameter. I read in the code of RS_BCT_FIGL_DATA_GET that it has to do with query columns. In the tests I did this table is alway empty.

Also, i_th_sfc gives you the list of characteristics used in the query. But it does not inform you on wether these are in the 'rows' 'free characteristics' or 'filter'. Is there a way of knowing that?

Claudio Ciardelli