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Jan 17, 2013 at 10:12 AM

TDMS 4.0: problem with ERP copy



We've TDMS 4.0 SP03 ( with a lot of notes applied on it ), and we have a problem on TDMS template on Time and Company Code reduction.

When we launch "Preparation of Tables for Data Transfer" phase, system creates some includes for data transfer.

On of those is "_RULE_<PACKID>_TDMS_08_GEN_S, that have a syntax error like:

Problem is there isn't previous CASE condition that allow the use of WHEN...

We've observed this report is formed by report CNV_TDMS_08_DOM_FORMS_GENER_P when acces to table CNVTDMS_08_TSTRU and it copies entries from PACKID TDTIM ( SAP Entries ) on PACKID number ( customer entries ).

On that, there's an entries like:

I think if we delete these entries, report will work as it expected, but we don't know what is the impact of this action.

Could you help us to solve this problem?


imagen1.png (38.5 kB)
imagen2.png (15.6 kB)