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Local printer Lock with Printing Assistant Landscape (PAL)


We are thinking about implementing PAL on SAP Systems. We have a small issue that i want to ask if someone has the same problem.

Is there a way to lock a printer only for one system ? For example the Printer A is them locked on Q system and in P system is unlocked.

One more question How should i deal with Virtual printers ?


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jun 22, 2013 at 09:12 PM

    If you want the same printer name in all systems then, no you can not currently lock a printer for one system and not the others. If the name is important, but you can put a suffix of qa or prd on the end, then you could lock on a per system basis.

    Other thoughts, if the name needs to remain the same in all systems but you need to prevent printing:

    • Have SAP security prevent access to the printers, and only allow testing to occur if someone needs to print.
    • Go to your host file and put in with the host name of that printer/print server....however this option is only going to work if you have SPAD setup to use DNS vs IP address.
    • Configure the firewall on the system to prevent traffic being sent to a destination IP address.

    As for virtual printers, I'm not sure what this is in reference to PAL?

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    Posted on Apr 25, 2014 at 01:31 PM

    Hello Jorge -

    We are faced with same issues. What did you decide? Did you just "lock" printer via security? I'd love to use PAL, but we do lock all printers in Dev and Quality so nothing will print by accident (which it has before). I'm concerned about pushing this to security since they already have bandwidth issues supporting our environment.

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    • Former Member Billy Warring

      Yes, we do have a large landscape to administer. We have approx 10 production instances so we then have 20 Dev/QA systems. We have approx 1200 printers we manage around the world. The majority of printing really only comes from 3 of the production landscapes. We are forever having issues with inconsistencies between DEV/QA and production. PAL really looks promising to address those issues. I'll be reaching out to our security team to get their take on security.

      We also have an option that we could just not setup the AIX print queue for DEV/QA that way those systems couldn't print unless needed by a special project. We would then just manually setup a print queue in AIX. Thank you for all the feedback! We really need to get handle on this administration nightmare we currently have for our printing environment.