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Jan 16, 2013 at 09:26 PM

One material known as two different name in two different vendors


Hi Gurus,one of my friend is facing one problem in his company.Please give me some guidance.Scenario is like that:

One semifinished material is there suppose "FRUIT" No of Vendors=2 i.e.Ven A & Ven B

Ven A knows FRUIT as APPLE and he has to provide color"Light red"&"Dark Red"

Ven B knows FRUIT as MANGO and he has to provide color"Green"&"Orange"

Requirement:2 PO for 2 diff Ven with Mat FRUIT.But this PO Ven A should treat as PO of APPLE of color "Light red"&"Dark Red" and

Ven B should treat as PO of MANGO of color "Green"&"Orange"please give me some advice.

What i did that..Created characteristics(CL04) "FRUIT COLOR"give Value as Light Red,Dark Red,Description:color of Appleand Value: Green,Orange,Description: color of Mango.and Class type:300.Created Class "FRUITCLASS":CL02 assign Characteristics.
 In OMS2 made HALB as a configurable material.Created HALB Material FRUIT.Made Config.profile in CU41 with FRUIT give profile name FRUIT assign FRUITCLASS threre.Then 2 Inforecord for Ven A & Ven B.For Ven A given the Vendor Mat No=Apple and For Ven B given the Vendor Mat No=Mango
 Maintain the PO text in inforecord like for Ven A "Fruit Apple Light Red=30qty,Dark Red=20 qty(for example).
 Finally Created PO in me21n.Mat no=FRUIT,Vendor=Ven A.
 in Item level-->Material Data-->>Vendor Mat No Apple(coming),in same tab configuration-->class value assignment-->>selecting only Light red,Dark Red
 Saved the PO.Please suggest me whether i am approaching in right way or not.