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Jan 16, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Distribution rule for Mas_Partner Data Object


Hi, everyone

We deployed the CRM Sales Mobile 2.1 application and have the follow problem.

Our scenario: The application CRM Mobile Sales 2.1 is running for nine countries, but the one of those countries has a different scenario, it makes one distribution rule (DEV_RULE_USER) for MAS_PARTNER business object which filters the partners that will be sent for the device by employ_id it is not working as the same way for the others countries.

In this country there are partners which use the had end customer of (FCRME02) relation. So, when one user subscribe for the application all partners and their relationship which have the user how employee responsible are downloaded. For us this is enough.

But, beyond this, are downloaded all partners which have the had end customer of (FCRME02) relation and is relationship to user somehow

We have the impression that one tree search is made for all the relationship and if one partner which have the had end customer of (FCRME02) relation is found and it is downloaded for device even if the partner haven't the user how your employee responsible.

P.S Some partner sell our products but don't buy for us directly, so, this partner can't have one employee responsable relation but he has the had end customer of relation.

Do you have any ideas about this?

Best regards!