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Aug 04, 2005 at 07:22 PM

SSO with EP6.20 SP2, WAS 6.40, R/3 4.6C, and BSP pages


We are not ready to upgrade our HR 4.6C system yet. It is coming but it isn't on the radar yet. We hate the look of ITS for ESS. So we created BSP pages on our BW 3.5 system since it was running WAS 6.40. We then created a BSP iview on our EP6SP2 system. We are using user mapping on our dev portal but we are using SSO on our production portal.

We want to be able to access the BSP page link from Portal, have it hit the BSP anonymously and then sent the SSO over to HRP so that it could access the information and replace the ITS version of the benefits reports and such. We don't want to create 1500 users on our BW system but instead would prefer to just pass-through.

Is there a way to allow anonymous access to the BSP pages and then have the page look to SSO for the logon for the HR system? Any ideas? Help!

Roy Richardson