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Jan 16, 2013 at 07:06 AM

Cost Center Budget Controlling


Dear All,

In the current process, we are uploading monthly Cost Center Budget with the combination of Cost Center & Cost Element.

Now, the client requirement is to have a budget control on this. That means, whenever a budget for any cost center is exceeding, system should give a message.

In the SAP Note No. 68366, SAP suggested to create a statistical Job Order for Cost Center - upload a Cost Center budget to that Job Order - Create substitution rule that when any posting is made to the Cost Center, the value should get updated to a Job Order. Thus, when the budget will exceed, system will check the control at Order level & flash a message.

Here, I am finiding the following issues -

1) In job order I cannot give monthly budget. It accepts only yearly budget.

2) Also, it does not provide the budget for the cobination of Cost Center + Cost Element.

Does anybody have come with this kind of requirement?

Is there any other work-around or do we need to go for Z development only?

Thanks in advance.


Reshma Joshi