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Jan 16, 2013 at 01:20 AM

Archivelink - how to link images to SAP documents


Hi all,

my question is how to link an SAP document to an image stored in a non-SAP backend repository in the following situation:

The oroginal documents (invoices mainly) are scanned offsite by a third party.

Metadata is stripped from the images - vendor name / invoice amount etc..

Files are sent to us from the 3rd party via secure FTP:

1 file per scanned document image

1 file contains the metadata for all images - 1 record per invoice

The file containing the images is loaded into the storage system.

The file containing the metadata is uploaded to SAP.

But the missing link is how to automatically create the invoice in SAP and assign the stored image to the invoice (so that people can view the image details from within SAP).

We have played around with manually storing the images in the SAP DB and have got this to work OK, but we need the process to be automated.

Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?